Work and a crazy Obsession

Ughh. work. work. work. I CAN”T STAND IT! For Islamic studies class me and “Rain” (that’s short for Raina)¬† have to work on this project to create a children’s book that interprets the lessons and morals of Surah-Maryam. A WHOLE BOOK/STORY! First I had no idea on how we should start off our first page. […]

During school

So right now I’m in the school library,skipping my math class. well not really skipping because i got permission. So right now i must right about my things so that i may become a better writer. “Someone”¬† wanted me to come and write something in her but i have no clue¬†on what to write on. […]

Jamaican me craaazy!!!!

So today in school, is this thing going on called “International Day”. I sit down typing this and flinch as Sarah points a lazer in my EYE. I tell her to stop but she keeps on doing it!!!!! So anywayz, i dressed up as a jamaican and made myself  some DREDZ  out of my Hijab. It looks […]