During school

So right now I’m in the school library,skipping my math class. well not really skipping because i got permission. So right now i must right about my things so that i may become a better writer. “Someone”  wanted me to come and write something in her but i have no clue on what to write on. uhhhh….Hak was just trying to read what i wrote but i guess he got to bored and just left. So now I’m typing super fast because i need to go back to math class before i get in trouble. Now the high school is talking about blogs and stuff because of a question that the librarian asked.  So anywayz I have lunch next period and I’m like, madd hungry right now. I have uhhhh a turkey sandwich and sour cream and onion pringles. Yepp. Prettty simple life. OH YEA! At home we got this new game for the Wii and it’s called “Tatsunoko vs. Capcom” its real tight yo! It’s fighting and it has a whole lotta different games mixed in together. Yaseen went back to Panama City cuz he said Hajr got on his nerves. and my Bros got an Xbox 360. So yea thats pretty cool. and now i gottsa go. PEACE OUT! Salaams.


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