Work and a crazy Obsession

Ughh. work. work. work. I CAN”T STAND IT!

For Islamic studies class me and “Rain” (that’s short for Raina)  have to work on this project to create a children’s book that interprets the lessons and morals of Surah-Maryam. A WHOLE BOOK/STORY! First I had no idea on how we should start off our first page. So then I did a little research on the tafsir about the event of Prophet Isa (as) birth and the trials Maryam had to face before that. So maybe we could say, ” Once upon a time in a village……” blah blah blah. It has to be something really kiddish, but not TOO kiddish because its from K1 to 4th grade.

Saying not TOO kiddish because, ah, 4th graders are pretty old to be reading some super kiddy story. I mean, they are starting to read chapter books so something good has to pop out that makes it interesting to them and not just the little kids. PLUS all the children are the judges,which means we have to work harder.

Sayed(Hanan) and Ber(Amina) are on the same team! Can you believe that? I mean ALL the little kids know them! So they’ll (the kids) just pick out the people they like best rather than the story. *starts laughing*. So i guess I’ll have to make EVERYTHING exciting. *sighs* so hard.

A little note on other things.

I have this obsession with manga and anime. For real, like, i just finished reading the new chapter in Naruto and it IRKS ME TO DEATH! However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, its actually good because i can’t wait till the next one comes out to be really angry. It isn’t actually the manga that irks me, it a PERSON that irks me. The na

me is Sakura Haruno! UGGGH! So it’s at the point where Sasuke is going all rampage and crazy-ish type thing, right, basically he wants to destroy Kanoha and all the Hokages want him pretty much dead since he’s on the list of “missing nins”. So SAKURA….being the IDIOT THAT SHE IS….wants to kill him herself because she so called

“Doesn’t want anybody to hold the ‘burden’ or ‘pain’ for killing him.” In other words she wants to kill him HERSELF. Keyword by “HERSELF” IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT. First of all, why would you want to kill him if you “love him so much”. If you were the one who killed him then you would be all depressed and crying all out and then telling yourself,

“It’s okay Sakura, I had to do this. I couldn’t let anybody else bear the pain of killing him but myself” Which sounds like absolute stupidity in my ears. SECOND of all. YOU CANT FIGHT! well, maybe you can, but matching off with SASUKE?! Are you out of your mind? Don’t even think that some kind of miracle is gonna happen, that after you hurt him to the point where he’s almost dying (whichis impossible) that he’s going to all out confess his love and apologies toward you. HECK no. But anyway, Kakashi has to step in so that Sakura won’t get her BEHIND WHOOPED, until Sasuke starts getting a little blind and his vision starts to blurr. Then,  Sakura tries to come up behind him and STABB him.

Are you serious Sakura? That easily? Really? *sigh* Well Sasuke senses her and is about to kill her and at this point I’m all cheering and all like, “YEA! KILL HER PLEASE KILL HER! YES! OMG, YESSSS!!!! Unfortunately I already know she can’t and won’t die. At least not yet. So as I predicted Naruto swoops in and grabs her out of Sasuke’s grasp before he can pierce a kunai knife in her neck. aww isn’t that sweet?

Appearing out of  no where and saving SAKURA like a knight in  shining armo- HECK NO!! *sighs again*. Well, duhh he’s going to save her. That’s not anything new, but at least a scar or cut err something! Let me stop, now I’m getting a little too excited with this. I sound like a psychopath.

It’s not just Naruto either,

Bleach as well, although I’m not going to go all out in my rant on that too. *laughs* Well that’s all folks. Assalam wa Alaikum ya nass. Sayonara. Abune. bye-bye.Adios


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