3rd Place in Contest and Story book

So..as you know I told you that I won the contest about “Making Sense of Others”. However,  what I didn’t tell you, is the place I got for it. Neh? Well I’m about to tell you right now Drum Roll PLEASE! ………………………..BUMBUMBUMBUMBUBMBUBMBUBMBMUBMBUBMBUBMNBMBBM……………………………….. 3rd PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOTT. Yay!! woohoo way to go!! 😀 Okay, It’s not […]

Alice in Wonderland. . .

So yesterday when my fams came back, my Umi(mother) and Abu(father) took the girls to go and watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D! woohoo! It was pretty awesome. It had really nice graphics and everything. SPOILER ALERT! Besides the little hints inside that had to do with Alice being the “Chosen One”and the scroll was […]

YES! Contest Prize! “Making Sense of Others”

Salaams everyone! I have one of the best news! YES! Okay, so a few months back, like in January, my language arts teacher Mrs. Yasmine, told the class about this new Art & Essay Contest. The winner of 1st place gets $200, 2nd place gets $150 and 3rd place gets $100. So of course I […]

Prophet Isa Used to Say….

Malik related to me that he heard that Isa ibn Maryam used to say, “Do not speak much without the mention of Allah for you will harden your hearts. A hard heart is far from Allah, but you do not know. Do not look at the wrong actions of people as if you were lords. […]

Training and P.E….Ouch

Besides the whole writing practice, I’m trying to train myself to fight really well. My Pops pretty much taught me and the rest of my family how to fight. He and my Ma also took us to martial Arts training at some dojos/places. Those actually helped in some kind of way even though I don’t […]