At Home Before School

I’m at home sitting at the computer with my brothers grandma and rents(parents) talking about the baby who was stolen.  The baby was only 31 DAYS OLD! Who would do that? What else…hmm Oh! For school our class has to debate about that whale in Seaworld, should he stay there or go to some kind of facility where it can act as wild as need be.

So..I chose the second one. Why should the whale stay there? It’s a WILD animal. I mean they shouldn’t put it back in the ocean, because then it wouldn’t survive.  What they need to do, if they want the killer whale species to continue, then they need to put them in a special environment where its like the ocean but can get the special treatment it needs. NOT put them in a pen where they put hormone/ testosterone shots in it so that it can have even more babies.

Maybe that’s why the whale was so angry. The hormone levels in the poor thing was way different then what it was supposed to be!

Yepp, so Ber is on my team because she feels the same and Sundos is as well. A bunch of others too, and some think he should stay in Seaworld. What do you think?

Assalam wa Alaikum

~signing out~

Gee Double U


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