Training and P.E….Ouch

Besides the whole writing practice, I’m trying to train myself to fight really well. My Pops pretty much taught me and the rest of my family how to fight. He and my Ma also took us to martial Arts training at some dojos/places. Those actually helped in some kind of way even though I don’t remember that much of it because I was really little at the time.

Today I didn’t go to school or anything so I went to sleep and when I woke up, I felt REALLY stiff. Don’t you hate the feeling where you wake up and you feel like you don’t wanna do anything else? Just makes you want to sleep your life away? Well, that’s pretty much how I felt this morning. So I woke up stretched out my legs in the living room. My brothers have  a glass door right there, so they can pretty much see what’s going on in the living room. So my Akh (brother) Umar comes out and says.

“Whatchu’ doin’?”

I reply simply as if it was obvious, (in which case this situation was so obvious), then he says,

“Jeff’s here so..yea you need to put on a hijab or whatevah.”

and then I say

“Oh, snap!” whaaaaaaaaaaat?!”

and then i like,  jet to my room and put on a jacket and keemar/hijab. But he didn’t see me so Alhamdullilah! Ahhh, but that stiff feeling didn’t want to go away, no mattah how hard I stretched. ThenIi was like ” Alright this is getting to me a lil to much!” and so I started doin’ my front and side kicks, simple stuff I need to work on to get better at. Then I started doing crescent kicks, inside and outside ones. Moved my feet to build up speed and stamina, while punching so that I could build my upper body strength.  This is not my regular routine at all by the way.

After that I went into the garage and started working on my basketball techniques. Yepp.

Yesterday, we had P.E in the jim/ cafeteria today. We played kick ball, me and Sayed were on the same team! Yes, that right there is like a tigers vs a flies. Me and Sayed the tigers, other team, psssh FLIES! naaah not really. That was an exaggeration. heh heh heh. But really we do good when we’re on the same team. Well, anyways we’re winning and all,  against the other team and there’s like 2 minutes left of P.E. My team is in the outfield, their team is kicking. We got two outs so far and all we need is one more. I’m standing right smack dabb in the second and first bases. The stage is right behind me so that if I move, I won’t go any further. Deeb, or I think Sin(Raya), kicks the ball so that the ball comes straight towards me. Only when I try to catch it, it’s just a little too much over my head, heading right towards the stage.  I jump back and the back of my knees hit the back of the stage, the ball flies towards my neck, I catch the ball.


Mhm, Hold on I’m not done yet! My back hits the stage and when the ball hit my neck, it fell  into my arms, but my head SMACKED on the flat surface.

HUHH!!!! O.O

I know. Ouch. But the ball remains in my arms.

YAY!!! 😀 🙂

Dude, everyone was like


I was seriously surprised my self, what in  the world POSSESED me to even make that move? I have no clue.  So I get up and everybody is rushing at me saying

“Are you okay?”

“Woah, Gee that was so cool!”

and a bunch of other stuff. I smiled, nodded my head, and said a small

“thank you.”

but people kept commenting me and I didn’t know how I should reply!!! PLUS my head STILL kind of hurt. I had rub it a little. ouch. Then Mrs. Amrani comes up to me and says,

“I noticed you always play like that when Sayed is on your team.”

I didn’t say anything but I was like NUH UH! Haha. She was probably right. Then she comes back to me and says

“Was catching that ball so important that you would hurt yourself for it.”

Hahaha that made me laugh. Everything went so fast that I don’t remember why i did it. Mattah  fact WHEN i did it, i didn’t know what i was doing! WOW. Masha’Allah.

~Signing out~

Gee Double U 🙂


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