YES! Contest Prize! “Making Sense of Others”

Salaams everyone! I have one of the best news! YES! Okay, so a few months back, like in January, my language arts teacher Mrs. Yasmine, told the class about this new Art & Essay Contest. The winner of 1st place gets $200, 2nd place gets $150 and 3rd place gets $100. So of course I joined the Essay competition rather than the Art competion. The theme of the two are, “Making  Sense of Others” . Which means that we have to draw OR write about uniting the community and seeing the way other people view things. Like say if you were put in another person’s shoes, and your perspective of things are totally different than another person’s perspective.

Maybe the way the You handle something, is far fa in contrast to what I think about or you think about. Or they way that I deal with stereotypes might me better than how YOU or anybody else deals with it.  How what I wear or what I dress is for the acceptance of others rather than for self-satisfaction. That’s why we have to write about how we can relate to others and how we should be ourselves instead of what others think we should be. We need to put ourselves in others shoes and say well “Hey, this is why she wears these clothes, she doesn’t know how to be herself, because of the way people treat her. She just wants to be liked by someone.”. Because in this world all people ever do is judge one another. However, no oneTRULY has the right to judge another. But who IS the judge of the us? Allah! He doesn’t look at our appearances, he looks deep  in our hearts and knows who is doing it for the pleaseure of Him or for the pleasure of others.

So anyways, the contest ended in February 5th.  I actually wrote my essay pretty late and I didn’t think it was as good as I could’ve made it, since 1000 words was the limit. But I finished in life February 1st and sent it to them. We never got any feed back from Mrs. Yasmine since she was our sponsor so when we were in the class we asked her

“Did anybody win that Art and Essay thingy?”

So Mrs Yasmine replies

“I think that if anybody won, you would know by now.”

Wow. that was funny and true.  So I was kind of mad but later I just brushed it off. Hey? My first actual contest entry. I’m not going to win it that fast, n

On Thursday I was sitting in my Islamic studies classroom and we were listening to the “Story of the Prophets”. I was really enjoing it too because the Imam that was speaking was Imam Anwar Al Awlaki, so I was listening all intense like.  When the phone rang. So Mae answers the phone and when she gets off her eyes scan the room until she lays her eyes on me and says,

“Gee, Mrs. Feryel wants you.”

I thought I heard her wrong. The principle? so I said,


and she repeats herself.  Hmm. That’s pretty weird. Well I go downstairs to the principles office and Mrs. Yasmine and Dr. Feryel are in the office waiting for me. They’re smiling and say,

“Your in trouble.”

I start smiling. I knew I didn’t do anything so it didn’t matter to me. and so they’re like.

” Oh, see your smiling now. When your in trouble you smile? what did you do?”

so I say


and my grin expands throughout my whole entire face. It probably looked like I did something. Oh Well. So Mrs Yasmine says,

“Do you remember that Art and Essay Contest that you wrote about?”

I say yes, and my heart beats mhm mhm what about it? AH! then she says,

“You won.”

AH! wait what….what? I said,

“Nuh Uh?”

but she nods her head.

“Yes, you did”

my mouth is literally hanging open by then until i wrap my hands around it. They have a laptop on the table and they motion for me to come and see. I ask,

“What place am I in?”

But then they say they don’t know yet, but out of 400 people I’m in the top 10.  Subhan’Allah! I don’t know what place I was in, but just to be in the top 10 is amazing ne? Alhamdullilah!!! AHH!! So Mrs. Yasmine gives me a hug and Dr.Feryel  says

“Go call your mom.”

and that was the end of it. Until now I don’t know what place I’m in, but I’m supposed to go to the award show in March 18. Then that’s when I know my place. I can’t believe this. woohoo!!!

~signing out~

Gee Double-U


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