Worst Sunday Ever

Today is probably the most unexciting day EVER! I’m so bored it’s not even cool. I mean outside feels pretty good, but who wants to go outside?  Well I did go outside but only for about five minutes. I’ve been waiting for my brothers and parents to come back home. All of the girls are here, but we are doing absolutely nothing. Now if they came back, my father said that he would take the girls somewhere. Well, unfortunately he’s not here yet and we’ve been waiting for at least 6 hours! Maybe even more!

Y’know what I shouldn’t  complain.

“Be patient, Gee, Insha’Allah they’ll come back sooner or later. Stop complaining!”

Yes yes, I know. Mus you be rude about it? I wonder where we would go when they do come back… Sigh, can’t really think of anything.  I know one thing is for sure, though, for almost the whole time they’ve been away I have been at this computer reading fanfictions on Fanfiction.net and playing Band Hero on the Wii with my little sisters until I  got tired. The worse Sunday—

They just came back! WOAH! WHAT GOOD TIMING!


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