Alice in Wonderland. . .

So yesterday when my fams came back, my Umi(mother) and Abu(father) took the girls to go and watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D! woohoo! It was pretty awesome. It had really nice graphics and everything. SPOILER ALERT! Besides the little hints inside that had to do with Alice being the “Chosen One”and the scroll was supposed to be the prophecy. The creepy lil cat that kept disappearing and who turned into the mad hatter, was a jinn! HE WAS FREAKY! The bad guy with the patch over his eye was supposed to be the dajjal* (hint* he had 1 eye!).  Well.. my Abu pretty much explained everything in detail but I can’t explain exactly what was what. However it did make sense! END OF SPOILER ALERT! ( If you didn’t watch the movie).

The movie in general was REALLY good besides what I just listed and  I had fun watching it as well. I recommend you to go and watch it!

Signing Out

Gee Double-U


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