3rd Place in Contest and Story book

So..as you know I told you that I won the contest about “Making Sense of Others”. However,  what I didn’t tell you, is the place I got for it. Neh? Well I’m about to tell you right now Drum Roll PLEASE! ………………………..BUMBUMBUMBUMBUBMBUBMBUBMBMUBMBUBMBUBMNBMBBM………………………………..

3rd PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOTT.

Yay!! woohoo way to go!! 😀

Okay, It’s not the most exciting thing but hey 3rd place?! The first time I ever got something like that for entering a contest. The prize money I got for it is $100. I’m not sure what I should get with it though.

One of my friends actually said that I should get an iPod, It sounds likie a good idea, ofcourse I’m not going to do it for music, I’d rather download Quran and the different languages that I’m trying to learn, which is Japanese, Chinese,Indoonesian/Malaysian, and  Arabic.

Brotha D. mentioned that I could get a subscription for e-books online where I can listion to books while I’m going to school or something. It would be a good idea if I didn’t like the whole audio tune of it, though. I’m not a big fan of listening to someone else say the story for me. Their voices are a little wierd.

Finally I just came up with the idea that I should save up my money until I have enough to get something bigger. Fatima (sis) wants me to buy a sewing machine since she’s taking fashion design classes. Pssh, I was like,

Nope! Don’t thinks so.

Because that was just out of the equation.

The children’s book that me and my partner, Rain, did for school was FINALLY finished and spiraled at Office Depot. SUBHANALLAH! ALLAH HU AKBAR Because we finally finished it!!

I was so happy. Although, the titile page is pretty place and ugly bea\cause it was last minute and we couldn’t really put a good design on it.

Aww poor baby T_T!

I know!! I was so sad at how it looked. T_T.  Well atleast we got it done By the Will of Allah. and All we have to do is sit back, relax, and see who wins the contest. I think Nora and Zana-Chan is going to be one of them. Thier book looked pretty professional.

Well Peace! Sayonara! Selamat Tingul! Assalam wa Alaikum wa Rahmatulahi wa barakaatu!


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