Art Show!

I just came back from an art show that my sister Fatima had displayed her artwork in, others did as well. So we arrive and the place is DECKED OUT in art. I mean madd paintings are scattered all over the place from oil pastel, paint, crayon, pen, pencil sketch, graffiti, decorated glass tiles, clay […]

Basketball Game and Turkish Dinner

Yesterday my brothers had a basket ball game against the another Muslim school called Mago. The game was pretty close but, Unfortunately our team lost by 3 points. ( I don’t know the actual scores because the score board wasn’t on for some reason). All I know is that my bros played a good game […]

Spring Break

Okay guys, Its Spring Break! WooHoo! YEAA! But unfortunately my Spring Break will be ending next week on Monday. Boooo! I know right?! Well, yesterday my sisters and I watched this movie called “Ponyo”. It was the same writer who made “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke”. I’m pretty sure he’s made much more, but those […]