Basketball Game and Turkish Dinner

Yesterday my brothers had a basket ball game against the another Muslim school called Mago. The game was pretty close but, Unfortunately our team lost by 3 points. ( I don’t know the actual scores because the score board wasn’t on for some reason). All I know is that my bros played a good game against the other team. The Mago team had these 2 African American dudes with dred locks. When me and Fatima saw them we were ” Oh snap, finally some Muslims down here that look like their American.” Meaning that the area WE”RE around does not have that much African American who are MUSLIM.

So anyways, yea one of them looked EXACTLY like lil wayne. And no, I’m not just saying this because he had dred locks and was skinny. I’m saying that because his face looked EXACTLY like him. Well, maybe not EXACTLY like him, but like him none the less.

We soon found out that the lil wayne look-alike wasn’t actually Muslim but the other guy that had a TATTOO was a muslim. (yes I’m not hallucinating, and NO it wasn’t a henna tattoo.) That was pretty wierd. My brother Ibrahim kept getting mad at one of the coaches because he kept calling fouls on him, (and the calls against Ibrahim were totally fair by the way), so he kept talking like “what the heck blah blah blah…”

When the game was over we went back to the Masjid and grubbed out. Coach invited the other team to join us, and we ate pizza, lasagna/pasta, donuts, ice cream, cupcakes, ahhh and swiss rolls. Yummmm.

Later we see that the coach who was calling fouls against Ibrahim, was a Muslim.


I know we were like,

“Dagg Ibro you called out a BROTHA! STAFA’ALLAH!

Even though you shouldn’t do that to anyone, but the fact that he was Muslim mad it even worse.

Me and Fatima were with Leen and Maryam the whole time, so we sat together and waited until the boys all got there food so that we could get some. Then I saw the lil wayne look-alike and then I asked Maryam

“Hey doesn’t he look like lil wayne?”

then she was like,

“I swear I was thinking the exact same thing”

then she turned around to Leen and said,

“Hey he looks like lil wayne, right?”

Then Fatima who was sitting next to Leen goes,

“Yea that’s what I said.”

and so Leen was like

” Oh my gosh yes he does!”

Only she didn’t really scream it like that.

So the guy comes closer to the end of the table, to which we’re on the bench to the left of it. We’re still discussing on about how this guy looks like lil wayne and stuff, so we’re all sitting there staring. Then he’s about to leave, when for some UNKNOWN REASON looks our way and we all move our eyes away at the same time, which made it SO OBOVIOUS WE WERE LOOKING! To make it worse Maryam and Leen move their whole head and Leen hides behind Maryam. Wow. We were cracking up so hard! I mean it was so obvious what we were doing.

So then I go,

“That’s exactly the reason why I don’t stare at people.”

Haram a Alaik.

Oh so anyways about the Turkish dinner, The reason why we were going was because we were invited since I won 3rd place in the Art and Essay Contest. All the winners were invited to go there. We ate so much after the basket ball game that we had a full stomach going to the place in which it was held. So I’m thinking that we’re going to this huge area where there’s going to be lights and candles and all that good stuff. However when we go there, it’s like this small dinner area, with 3 long tables. And my mom invites people before we even see the place. Then when we see the place we were like,

“Okay. . .we’re we going to sit?!”

Alhamdullilah the food was good even though we had little on our plates. We ate Baklava and some other Turkish things.


They announced that the next competition, the 3 winners will be given a trip to Turkey. I think I might enter that competition as well. Next subject is going to be about “Empathy: Walking in another person’s shoes.”

Well, that should be interesting. Insha’Allah I will submit an Art or Essay. šŸ˜€


~Signing Out~



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