Art Show!

I just came back from an art show that my sister Fatima had displayed her artwork in, others did as well. So we arrive and the place is DECKED OUT in art. I mean madd paintings are scattered all over the place from oil pastel, paint, crayon, pen, pencil sketch, graffiti, decorated glass tiles, clay pottery, flashy glass tables, colored pencil art, everything!

(The pictures below aren’t in the actual art show. )



Not even that, but the place was held in a secret garden type of thing where there were palm trees, oak trees, and bamboo shoots that just SHOT up into the air with its height.

Kind of Like this…


Some parts of it had shade where the trees were, however other parts were hot as the sun burst through tree leaves creating a mirage of light. I was so astounded. Nah, not really, well I was kind of like…

Oh snap! This place is spectacular!

To me the place looked like this.


But trust me. It wasn’t.

Well anyways, their were music performances  and whomever wished to set their art up, or perform, were more than welcome.  We had people who made up their own song, whether it was on guitar, singing, or both. We also had people sing songs created by other artists.

I saw my friend’s sister as we entered.  I ran up to her and said,

Bailey? What in the world are you doing here?!

She replied,

YO! Genuine!

When the greetings were over, we went further into this “Secret Garden”.

Later on I spotted my friend Tiffany. This was the girl I was talking about. Baily’s sister. She was walking with Kaylee who was another friend I hadn’t seen for a while.  When Tiffany sees me she’s so shocked she yells,


and she runs up to me, giving me the biggest hug ever.  I had the same reaction without the loudness. Even though we live about 2 blocks from each other, we haven’t been meeting lately.

I rarely ever talk to Kaylee, we didn’t really  do the same welcoming but…

Hey, who cares?

It’s getting a little later, and by now I’m talking to Tiffany and Kaylee about the weirdest things.  We’re walking around, conversing with each other and such.  I look up and see my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Wilson!  All in all she looked the same, just a little different.  Same meaning her looks, hair, voice, clothes everything. Different meaning… attitude? I can’t put my finger on it but there was something different about her.

Anyways, the place was pre~tty cool. Besides all the couples walking around holding hands. I wanted to regurgitate.


Finally, I began getting hungry but I couldn’t find anything to eat. Me and Fatima didn’t feel like staying after that. Especially when we had nothing to eat. Instead of staying we decided to leave with Bailey. Now, I’m sitting here typing this, eating my dose of Sour Patch Kids enjoing the sour sweet taste in my mouth.

Sounds Gooooood! O_O




~Signing Out~

Gee-Double U


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