I Graduated!

Okay. I know I’m making it seem like I graduated FOR REAL, FOR REAL. I didn’t. BUT, I did graduate from middle school into high school, that enough, is great for me.

The only real graduate from high school, was Amir. Congratulations Amir! He had this whole speech and everything. Gotta give him props for that. Anyways, everyone was looking really nice. Sarah and I came late for graduation (as always), but we still made it there before we had to go up on stage. It was such a rush. To make it even worse, as I was saying part of my power point that our class had to present to the audience–I messed up.

*GASP*   “NO!”


Yes! It was horrible. Well, it wasn’t exactly horrible ( I just said one word incorrectly), however it was still a minor mistake. Ack!

I know I haven’t been writing in a super long time and all. I’m sorry( to anybody who actually reads this–and to Br. Dawud, mainly because he told me to write in it every single day, and so far I have yet to do that.)

Besides that fact, I’m mad at myself because I did so much over the past month that I’m ashamed for not writing everything down. In that month I had my last day of school, my field trip to Islands of Adventure, Sleepover at Sarah’s house (which was extremely fun but creepy as well), practice for graduation and award ceremony, The Award Ceremony, Field Day, Last 3 days of school, did I even mention anything about taking the Finals? If I haven’t told you them yet, well I took them and some were super easy, others? Yea… rather not talk about it.

Moreover I’m so angry at my self because if I had written those events that happened, I would’ve laughed a WHOLE bunch.  So much things happened and it’s pretty much to late to describe things in detail.

Now I probably won’t be seeing Sarah, Leen, Nora, and Lily again because they won’t be going to LPS next year. WAAH! I’m going to miss them so much. Insha’Allah I will see them over the break. Which brings me to saying something else. IT’S FINALLY SUMMER BREAK! WOOHOO! PLUS I SAW AYANA AT THE GRADUATION! I LOVE YOU AYANA!

Man, I miss that girl. She left me last year along with Iman, and now I miss them like crazy. Which means I’m going to be missing the others who will be leaving me, like crazy. Especially Sarah and Nora. I GOTTA see them over the break.

Anyways besides that, about how my writing is going. I haven’t been meeting my standards as far as writing goes. However, I have started this short story. Maybe I’ll upload the first chapter. By the way, I said SHORT story. If you know me, then you would be surprised because usually, my story goes on forever which deletes the factor of it being a short story and more into a Novella/ Novel. Insha’Allah this story turns out better than I expect. Have to keep making Du’a though. Without Du’a and Allah’s Will, nothing’s possible. So now I sould end this off with a closing Du’a, neh?

“Oh Allah, Guide us and keep us on the Strait Path, Have Mercy on us and keep us away from the evil. Oh Allah, Guide the Ummah to success in all that we do, so that we may be successful in the HereAfter.  Oh Allah, Help us get through this life with patience and perseverance. Oh Allah, Please help me have success in writing and help my family so that we may never go astray. Ameen.”


*~Signing Out~*

~Gee-Double U~



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