World Cup!

I haven’t written in here in forever! Well, as you can tell by my title, I’ve been watching the World Cup.

However, to tell the truth I didn’t even like soccer at all since last year. Just to let you know that I haven’t been a super huge Soccer fan forever.Ever since I went to My school last year and saw  how crazy they were over it, they got me intrigued in it, too.

I mean, even then I never really liked soccer at all. Then, I started playing it almost every day and now I can’t stop watching the World Cup!

The teams I like are:

Japan (Ofcourse)







I’m not really sure if Spain is still in or not. I’m still figuring out how they organize these things.

I heard from some super crazy soccer fans that Renaldo(Portugal) and Messi(Argentina), are like the 2 best players in the season right now. So that’s why I’m rooting for those teams.

I know that Brazil and Spain are like the REALLY good teams and that they one a lot of the past World Cups, and USA, surprisingly, are still in the competiton.

I love Japan in general so me wanting them to get far isn’t surprising. But I’m more surprised that they’re still in the game. Woohoo We can do it!!!

Yaum Al-Jumma is tomorrow, so I must have something fashionable/clean to wear. (I know, totally off topic XD ) Gotta get my Deen on check. Get myself ready for the Last Days. You should too!

Ma-Salama(arabic)! Abune(Japanese)! Tai-Chian(Chinese)! Ar-Voire(French)! Bye-Bye(English)! Sayonara(Japanese)! Asta-Lawego(Spanish)! Sampai Nanti(Indonesian)!

~Signing Out~

Gee-Double U


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