Assalamu Alaikum to those who have taken an interest in this blog. The reason I created this blog is for me to increase my skills as a writer. I created this blog during the 9th grade. I originally used this to make up short stories. However, I know I have a lot of crazy mistakes and wish to gain more knowledge in writing.

I wouldn’t even be on this sight if it wasn’t for one of my teachers in school. He mentioned that I should start a blog and, “Write in it everyday, even if you don’t know what to write, there will always be something to write about.” Yep! Maybe I got his words a little mixed up, but you know what I mean. So anyways, he introduced me to blogs and I didn’t think I would actually make one…until then. My blog is mainly going to talk about things that happen in my life and how much I try to increase my writing skills.

You might get kind of confused, though, because my blog doesn’t start off with anything related to writing. But, that’s okay because I’m also talking about funny and cool events that go on in the Islamic school I attend

My family is pretty big so if there are a lot of names they’re most likely my family, unless I state otherwise. This isn’t actually the first blog I was introduced to though. My sister created a Youtube channel under the name of “fatimachan”, in which me and her discuss about Islam and our experiences growing up and dealing with other people. We rant on about pre~tty random things sometimes, and other times its just her alone. Our family members are in most of the videos. It’s really cool! Check it out, neh?
Signing out,

Gee-Double U


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