Mother of the Believers

Subhana’Allah, as I sit hear and listen to this lecture on Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid,  I can’t help but be astonished at some of the traits she had. If you ever wondered why Khadijah is called “Mother of the Believers”, the lecture explains who she is from beginning until the end. It is important to know the history […]

One Who Has Envy

Envy. A word that despises the righteous. Envy. A word that plots and plans. Envy. A word that has so many followers. Envy. A word that hates and loathes. Envy. A word that remains unjust. Envy. A word that ignites an evil soul. Envy. A word that must be put down. Envy. A word that needs […]

World Cup!

I haven’t written in here in forever! Well, as you can tell by my title, I’ve been watching the World Cup. However, to tell the truth I didn’t even like soccer at all since last year. Just to let you know that I haven’t been a super huge Soccer fan forever.Ever since I went to […]

I Graduated!

Okay. I know I’m making it seem like I graduated FOR REAL, FOR REAL. I didn’t. BUT, I did graduate from middle school into high school, that enough, is great for me. The only real graduate from high school, was Amir. Congratulations Amir! He had this whole speech and everything. Gotta give him props for […]

Dramatic Tuesday

April 27, 2010 Tuesday, Omg. Sarah and I had the scariest moment of all! So we were downstairs after school, like usual, when Br. G comes out of no where and scolds us. “Where are your parents? I didn’t hear your name get called!” So we were all like, “Uhh…Umm…” and then I go, “Well […]