Art Show!

I just came back from an art show that my sister Fatima had displayed her artwork in, others did as well. So we arrive and the place is DECKED OUT in art. I mean madd paintings are scattered all over the place from oil pastel, paint, crayon, pen, pencil sketch, graffiti, decorated glass tiles, clay pottery, flashy glass tables, colored pencil art, everything!

(The pictures below aren’t in the actual art show. )



Not even that, but the place was held in a secret garden type of thing where there were palm trees, oak trees, and bamboo shoots that just SHOT up into the air with its height.

Kind of Like this…


Some parts of it had shade where the trees were, however other parts were hot as the sun burst through tree leaves creating a mirage of light. I was so astounded. Nah, not really, well I was kind of like…

Oh snap! This place is spectacular!

To me the place looked like this.


But trust me. It wasn’t.

Well anyways, their were music performances  and whomever wished to set their art up, or perform, were more than welcome.  We had people who made up their own song, whether it was on guitar, singing, or both. We also had people sing songs created by other artists.

I saw my friend’s sister as we entered.  I ran up to her and said,

Bailey? What in the world are you doing here?!

She replied,

YO! Genuine!

When the greetings were over, we went further into this “Secret Garden”.

Later on I spotted my friend Tiffany. This was the girl I was talking about. Baily’s sister. She was walking with Kaylee who was another friend I hadn’t seen for a while.  When Tiffany sees me she’s so shocked she yells,


and she runs up to me, giving me the biggest hug ever.  I had the same reaction without the loudness. Even though we live about 2 blocks from each other, we haven’t been meeting lately.

I rarely ever talk to Kaylee, we didn’t really  do the same welcoming but…

Hey, who cares?

It’s getting a little later, and by now I’m talking to Tiffany and Kaylee about the weirdest things.  We’re walking around, conversing with each other and such.  I look up and see my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Wilson!  All in all she looked the same, just a little different.  Same meaning her looks, hair, voice, clothes everything. Different meaning… attitude? I can’t put my finger on it but there was something different about her.

Anyways, the place was pre~tty cool. Besides all the couples walking around holding hands. I wanted to regurgitate.


Finally, I began getting hungry but I couldn’t find anything to eat. Me and Fatima didn’t feel like staying after that. Especially when we had nothing to eat. Instead of staying we decided to leave with Bailey. Now, I’m sitting here typing this, eating my dose of Sour Patch Kids enjoing the sour sweet taste in my mouth.

Sounds Gooooood! O_O




~Signing Out~

Gee-Double U


Basketball Game and Turkish Dinner

Yesterday my brothers had a basket ball game against the another Muslim school called Mago. The game was pretty close but, Unfortunately our team lost by 3 points. ( I don’t know the actual scores because the score board wasn’t on for some reason). All I know is that my bros played a good game against the other team. The Mago team had these 2 African American dudes with dred locks. When me and Fatima saw them we were ” Oh snap, finally some Muslims down here that look like their American.” Meaning that the area WE”RE around does not have that much African American who are MUSLIM.

So anyways, yea one of them looked EXACTLY like lil wayne. And no, I’m not just saying this because he had dred locks and was skinny. I’m saying that because his face looked EXACTLY like him. Well, maybe not EXACTLY like him, but like him none the less.

We soon found out that the lil wayne look-alike wasn’t actually Muslim but the other guy that had a TATTOO was a muslim. (yes I’m not hallucinating, and NO it wasn’t a henna tattoo.) That was pretty wierd. My brother Ibrahim kept getting mad at one of the coaches because he kept calling fouls on him, (and the calls against Ibrahim were totally fair by the way), so he kept talking like “what the heck blah blah blah…”

When the game was over we went back to the Masjid and grubbed out. Coach invited the other team to join us, and we ate pizza, lasagna/pasta, donuts, ice cream, cupcakes, ahhh and swiss rolls. Yummmm.

Later we see that the coach who was calling fouls against Ibrahim, was a Muslim.


I know we were like,

“Dagg Ibro you called out a BROTHA! STAFA’ALLAH!

Even though you shouldn’t do that to anyone, but the fact that he was Muslim mad it even worse.

Me and Fatima were with Leen and Maryam the whole time, so we sat together and waited until the boys all got there food so that we could get some. Then I saw the lil wayne look-alike and then I asked Maryam

“Hey doesn’t he look like lil wayne?”

then she was like,

“I swear I was thinking the exact same thing”

then she turned around to Leen and said,

“Hey he looks like lil wayne, right?”

Then Fatima who was sitting next to Leen goes,

“Yea that’s what I said.”

and so Leen was like

” Oh my gosh yes he does!”

Only she didn’t really scream it like that.

So the guy comes closer to the end of the table, to which we’re on the bench to the left of it. We’re still discussing on about how this guy looks like lil wayne and stuff, so we’re all sitting there staring. Then he’s about to leave, when for some UNKNOWN REASON looks our way and we all move our eyes away at the same time, which made it SO OBOVIOUS WE WERE LOOKING! To make it worse Maryam and Leen move their whole head and Leen hides behind Maryam. Wow. We were cracking up so hard! I mean it was so obvious what we were doing.

So then I go,

“That’s exactly the reason why I don’t stare at people.”

Haram a Alaik.

Oh so anyways about the Turkish dinner, The reason why we were going was because we were invited since I won 3rd place in the Art and Essay Contest. All the winners were invited to go there. We ate so much after the basket ball game that we had a full stomach going to the place in which it was held. So I’m thinking that we’re going to this huge area where there’s going to be lights and candles and all that good stuff. However when we go there, it’s like this small dinner area, with 3 long tables. And my mom invites people before we even see the place. Then when we see the place we were like,

“Okay. . .we’re we going to sit?!”

Alhamdullilah the food was good even though we had little on our plates. We ate Baklava and some other Turkish things.


They announced that the next competition, the 3 winners will be given a trip to Turkey. I think I might enter that competition as well. Next subject is going to be about “Empathy: Walking in another person’s shoes.”

Well, that should be interesting. Insha’Allah I will submit an Art or Essay. 😀


~Signing Out~


Spring Break

Okay guys, Its Spring Break!


YEAA! But unfortunately my Spring Break will be ending next week on Monday.


I know right?! Well, yesterday my sisters and I watched this movie called “Ponyo”. It was the same writer who made “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke”.

I’m pretty sure he’s made much more, but those are the ones I’ve seen. If you’ve never watched any of his movies, I’d have to say that his movies are animated and they have things that you’d usually not think of at all.

For example he makes things like the ocean move as if it were real and freaky-like. He’d make up these different stories where a person has to do a certain thing so that a village or city can turn back to it’s original form.

Say if I just go in a village and take something or mess with certain people (without knowing what I’m doing) Then the whole village would get messed up in some way, shape or form. Then it would be my responsibility to make up for things and find a way to get, that place, back to the way it was before I ruined everything.

Make sense?

. . . . . . . . .

Ahh that was pretty cold! But anyways you should watch his movies, their actually pretty interesting and freaky-like. Just google “Ponyo” or “Princess Mononoke” or  “Spirited Away”. It’lll give you a long list of his movies. Check em’ out neh?


[Try and see if you can notice the uniqueness in every movie]


Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki


Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki



















Creepy isn’t it? O_o

~Signing Out~

Gee Double-U

3rd Place in Contest and Story book you know I told you that I won the contest about “Making Sense of Others”. However,  what I didn’t tell you, is the place I got for it. Neh? Well I’m about to tell you right now Drum Roll PLEASE! ………………………..BUMBUMBUMBUMBUBMBUBMBUBMBMUBMBUBMBUBMNBMBBM………………………………..

3rd PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOTT.

Yay!! woohoo way to go!! 😀

Okay, It’s not the most exciting thing but hey 3rd place?! The first time I ever got something like that for entering a contest. The prize money I got for it is $100. I’m not sure what I should get with it though.

One of my friends actually said that I should get an iPod, It sounds likie a good idea, ofcourse I’m not going to do it for music, I’d rather download Quran and the different languages that I’m trying to learn, which is Japanese, Chinese,Indoonesian/Malaysian, and  Arabic.

Brotha D. mentioned that I could get a subscription for e-books online where I can listion to books while I’m going to school or something. It would be a good idea if I didn’t like the whole audio tune of it, though. I’m not a big fan of listening to someone else say the story for me. Their voices are a little wierd.

Finally I just came up with the idea that I should save up my money until I have enough to get something bigger. Fatima (sis) wants me to buy a sewing machine since she’s taking fashion design classes. Pssh, I was like,

Nope! Don’t thinks so.

Because that was just out of the equation.

The children’s book that me and my partner, Rain, did for school was FINALLY finished and spiraled at Office Depot. SUBHANALLAH! ALLAH HU AKBAR Because we finally finished it!!

I was so happy. Although, the titile page is pretty place and ugly bea\cause it was last minute and we couldn’t really put a good design on it.

Aww poor baby T_T!

I know!! I was so sad at how it looked. T_T.  Well atleast we got it done By the Will of Allah. and All we have to do is sit back, relax, and see who wins the contest. I think Nora and Zana-Chan is going to be one of them. Thier book looked pretty professional.

Well Peace! Sayonara! Selamat Tingul! Assalam wa Alaikum wa Rahmatulahi wa barakaatu!

Alice in Wonderland. . .

So yesterday when my fams came back, my Umi(mother) and Abu(father) took the girls to go and watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D! woohoo! It was pretty awesome. It had really nice graphics and everything. SPOILER ALERT! Besides the little hints inside that had to do with Alice being the “Chosen One”and the scroll was supposed to be the prophecy. The creepy lil cat that kept disappearing and who turned into the mad hatter, was a jinn! HE WAS FREAKY! The bad guy with the patch over his eye was supposed to be the dajjal* (hint* he had 1 eye!).  Well.. my Abu pretty much explained everything in detail but I can’t explain exactly what was what. However it did make sense! END OF SPOILER ALERT! ( If you didn’t watch the movie).

The movie in general was REALLY good besides what I just listed and  I had fun watching it as well. I recommend you to go and watch it!

Signing Out

Gee Double-U

Worst Sunday Ever

Today is probably the most unexciting day EVER! I’m so bored it’s not even cool. I mean outside feels pretty good, but who wants to go outside?  Well I did go outside but only for about five minutes. I’ve been waiting for my brothers and parents to come back home. All of the girls are here, but we are doing absolutely nothing. Now if they came back, my father said that he would take the girls somewhere. Well, unfortunately he’s not here yet and we’ve been waiting for at least 6 hours! Maybe even more!

Y’know what I shouldn’t  complain.

“Be patient, Gee, Insha’Allah they’ll come back sooner or later. Stop complaining!”

Yes yes, I know. Mus you be rude about it? I wonder where we would go when they do come back… Sigh, can’t really think of anything.  I know one thing is for sure, though, for almost the whole time they’ve been away I have been at this computer reading fanfictions on and playing Band Hero on the Wii with my little sisters until I  got tired. The worse Sunday—

They just came back! WOAH! WHAT GOOD TIMING!

YES! Contest Prize! “Making Sense of Others”

Salaams everyone! I have one of the best news! YES! Okay, so a few months back, like in January, my language arts teacher Mrs. Yasmine, told the class about this new Art & Essay Contest. The winner of 1st place gets $200, 2nd place gets $150 and 3rd place gets $100. So of course I joined the Essay competition rather than the Art competion. The theme of the two are, “Making  Sense of Others” . Which means that we have to draw OR write about uniting the community and seeing the way other people view things. Like say if you were put in another person’s shoes, and your perspective of things are totally different than another person’s perspective.

Maybe the way the You handle something, is far fa in contrast to what I think about or you think about. Or they way that I deal with stereotypes might me better than how YOU or anybody else deals with it.  How what I wear or what I dress is for the acceptance of others rather than for self-satisfaction. That’s why we have to write about how we can relate to others and how we should be ourselves instead of what others think we should be. We need to put ourselves in others shoes and say well “Hey, this is why she wears these clothes, she doesn’t know how to be herself, because of the way people treat her. She just wants to be liked by someone.”. Because in this world all people ever do is judge one another. However, no oneTRULY has the right to judge another. But who IS the judge of the us? Allah! He doesn’t look at our appearances, he looks deep  in our hearts and knows who is doing it for the pleaseure of Him or for the pleasure of others.

So anyways, the contest ended in February 5th.  I actually wrote my essay pretty late and I didn’t think it was as good as I could’ve made it, since 1000 words was the limit. But I finished in life February 1st and sent it to them. We never got any feed back from Mrs. Yasmine since she was our sponsor so when we were in the class we asked her

“Did anybody win that Art and Essay thingy?”

So Mrs Yasmine replies

“I think that if anybody won, you would know by now.”

Wow. that was funny and true.  So I was kind of mad but later I just brushed it off. Hey? My first actual contest entry. I’m not going to win it that fast, n

On Thursday I was sitting in my Islamic studies classroom and we were listening to the “Story of the Prophets”. I was really enjoing it too because the Imam that was speaking was Imam Anwar Al Awlaki, so I was listening all intense like.  When the phone rang. So Mae answers the phone and when she gets off her eyes scan the room until she lays her eyes on me and says,

“Gee, Mrs. Feryel wants you.”

I thought I heard her wrong. The principle? so I said,


and she repeats herself.  Hmm. That’s pretty weird. Well I go downstairs to the principles office and Mrs. Yasmine and Dr. Feryel are in the office waiting for me. They’re smiling and say,

“Your in trouble.”

I start smiling. I knew I didn’t do anything so it didn’t matter to me. and so they’re like.

” Oh, see your smiling now. When your in trouble you smile? what did you do?”

so I say


and my grin expands throughout my whole entire face. It probably looked like I did something. Oh Well. So Mrs Yasmine says,

“Do you remember that Art and Essay Contest that you wrote about?”

I say yes, and my heart beats mhm mhm what about it? AH! then she says,

“You won.”

AH! wait what….what? I said,

“Nuh Uh?”

but she nods her head.

“Yes, you did”

my mouth is literally hanging open by then until i wrap my hands around it. They have a laptop on the table and they motion for me to come and see. I ask,

“What place am I in?”

But then they say they don’t know yet, but out of 400 people I’m in the top 10.  Subhan’Allah! I don’t know what place I was in, but just to be in the top 10 is amazing ne? Alhamdullilah!!! AHH!! So Mrs. Yasmine gives me a hug and Dr.Feryel  says

“Go call your mom.”

and that was the end of it. Until now I don’t know what place I’m in, but I’m supposed to go to the award show in March 18. Then that’s when I know my place. I can’t believe this. woohoo!!!

~signing out~

Gee Double-U